I'm Tim, an interaction designer based in Seattle, WA. I love to create simple, elegant, user interfaces. I try to solve hard interaction design problems using user research and quick, clean, iterative development. Take a look at some of the work I've done. Why, yes, I do also have a resume. I've also done a talk or two in the past.


Sketches & Visual Design

I do a lot of whiteboarding and sketches to organize and visualize problems before diving into wireframes; there's a couple of examples here. In addition to that, I've also done some visual design on various other projects that allowed me to hone my fit-and-finish skills. Here's a few:

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I had a great time guiding some folks through my design process at the University of Washington Office of Research and Information Services. I redesigned the landing and search results page and ran some tests to see if my changes helped users find what they were looking for. I want to emphasize that this work, though I am presenting a couple of wireframes here, was really an exercise that helped show insight into my process when tackling a design problem. The deliverables were minimal. I asked a lot of questions even before I started, but still had to dive into the problem without a lot of the context that I'd typically have in a project. Here's how I handled it:

  • Sketch 6-7 designs on a whiteboard (from the method adapative path teaches)
  • Flesh out one or two of those designs in Adobe Fireworks
  • Run click-tests at usabilityhub.com

I recommended iterating; conducting A/B and/or multivariate tests as next steps. The process certainly doesn't end here, and reviewing and discussing findings with the team actually produced a lot of valuable solutions, more than what the deliverables alone could produce. Development of a product's personality comes through a process of designing, iterating, refining, and communicating business needs, context, and goals. That's how you build a great product.

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JPMorgan Chase

I worked in-house at JPMorgan Chase on internal and client facing applications for Treasury & Security Services. I contributed to several stages of development and design for portal applications for user administration and financial services. I delivered high quality assets and contributed in several areas including:

  • UI and visual design, wireframes, functional specifications and documentation
  • Static and Dynamic Prototypes, Usability and User Research: Task development, coding and workflow creation
  • Quality Assurance, Defect Resolution and Testing for in-flight development

The Client Experience team actively strengthened applications using User Centered Design principles from requirements development to business-as-usal processes and everything in-between.

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Administration Center

International Fine Print Dealers Association

I worked with the IFPDA to help redesign their Print Fair site as well as their Member Site. I was responsible for doing user research and wireframes for both sites and wanted to convey a sense of modernity to the Print Dealers Association. I started with User Research to determine what types of content areas the users valued most, then based my wireframes and iterations on this research. In addition to doing the IA for these sites, I also designed the interface for the membersite, which allows users to edit profiles and upload images for their galleries.

  • User Research, including card sorts, personas
  • Information Architecture, including sitemap, user flows, taxonomy, wireframes

Click on the image to see the full wireframe.

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IFPDA Member Site Wireframe

Worktime Assistant

A design exercise for a time keeping application. I took a set of imaginary requirements and mocked up an interface that could work both as a desktop application as well as widget for an intranet. The thinking behind the interface was to eliminate pain-points. Focus was given to the ability to clock in and out easily, and to give proper notification of when overtime hits and how much vacation time the user has left.

Click on the images to see the full wireframes.

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I'm an interaction designer based in Seattle, WA. I graduated from The School of Information and Library Science at Pratt Institute with a focus in interaction design, cultural informatics and archives. I watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books in undergrad, too. For fun, I do these things still. I play music when I want as well!