I helped redesign as we went through many iterations of the site, the business model, and the content. One of the enduring pieces of the site that I design was the madlib design sign up, which we had for so long because it converted so well. 2015

I tried a lot of different iterations aside from the madlib-style sign up, but the it continued its reign of conversion dominance throughout the years! 2019


I was part of the core team that shipped Joule at ChefSteps. I was there when we started initial designs and consulted on several features and the look, feel, and finish of the industrial design for Joule. As the team grew, I helped hire the team to work on Joule from the design side. Joule Industrial Design

Joule App

Our design team, comprised of Luke Clum, Emmett Barton, and Kristina Voros, together worked on several iterations of the app together and individually. We conducted users interviews over several release cycles and iterated on the product to make a best-in-class cooking experience for sous vide. Joule App

I helped manage the team and coached and mentored them, unblocking them with other teams helping with cross-communication and navigating ChefSteps flat culture. We shipped some amazing designs! Joule App Features

Joule Ready

When Joule Ready launched, I designed and pushed code for the landing page with help and consultation from the rest of the design team. I worked through the marketing problems we were trying to solve and drove strategy along with the marketing team about how we were going to acquire customers. The longer story is in the Joule Ready Case Study. Joule Ready Landing

I also consulted on all packaging design with Emmett Barton, helping define the UX with the digital/physical interaction between the app and the packaging. The cooking experience for Joule Ready went through many iterations as we surveyed, interviewed, and observed the customer journey through the lifecycle of the product. Joule Ready UX Joule Ready UX

  • Joule Ready Case Study